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Steve Ballmer spent years hating on open source software. Satya Nadella recognized that the service has become indispensable to programmers.
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Oh, GitHub, we knew ye … pretty well, actually, over the past decade. At least programmers did. To us you’ve been comically unavoidable, from your “ Octocat ” mascot to the fake, fully furnished Oval Office at your San Francisco headquarters, complete with a special Octocat-emblazoned rug that proclaimed “United Meritocracy of GitHub.” Of course, that rug came up a lot when people debated the concept of meritocracy. And part of the reason they were debating it was the internal investigation into “ MM6 Maison Martin Margiela White Sock HighTop Sneakers official with paypal cheap online discount 2014 new 6Iu4EK1zA
” that led one of your co-founders to resign(your investigation found “no evidence to support the claims”but did uncover “mistakes and errors of judgment”). The company seemed to normalize after that, though we also knew you’d been looking for a new boss for a while. Congrats on your $7.5 billion purchase by Microsoft Corp. !

To civilians, it can be baffling what in God’s name GitHub Inc. does or why it’s worth so much. The key thing to understand is that git is free software and GitHub makes it easier to use that software. Git keeps track of changes in sets of files. The first version, written by Linux creator Linus Torvalds, was released in 2005.

Git isn’t for beginners. You typically use it from a command line, as opposed to with a mouse. Want to start tracking changes? Go into any directory and type “git init,” and you’re off to the races. From there, git lets you get Borgesian about your files. Everyone can make his own “branch” (copy) off the master tree of code and change whatever the hell he wants without breaking anything—git keeps track of it all. This means everyone can have a copy of every change, and you can make tons of mistakes while coding and always have a giant infinite Undo button if you need it.

It’s great, but again, not for beginners. Enter GitHub in 2008. GitHub makes it easier for large, loosely coordinated groups of programmers—in corporations, for instance—to use git. It has a well-designed web interface. If you don’t think that’s worth $7.5 billion, you’ve never read the git manual.

GitHub rode the wave of git adoption to become the central repository for decentralized code archives. As a result, 27 million users maintain 80 million projects on it—some private and closed off, some open sourced, many abandoned after a weekend of inspiration. That’s a significant portion of the software in the world. Everybody uses GitHub. The likes of Google and Facebook Inc. use it to release code, as does Walmart Inc. Your company probably uses GitHub. It’s free to use; you pay for more storage and advanced features.

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STD Prevention Conference

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STD Prevention Conference
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Once you click this link, you will be directed to a login page for CATALYST, the organization that manages abstract submissions for the 2018 STD Prevention Conference. To submit a late breaker abstract, please login with your CATALYST account or register for a new account. Once you login, you will be directed to the 2018 STD Prevention Conference abstractsubmission page.

The Scientific Program Committee is accepting late breaker abstracts for the 2018 STD Prevention Conference in the areas of STD prevention research, program, policy, diagnosis and treatment.Abstract submissions will be peer-reviewed for scientific content, logical presentation, timeliness, and current interest of the topic to the scientific community.

Late breaker abstracts must reflect work completed after February 16, 2018 to be considered for presentation . Work that the Scientific Committee decides could have been completed prior to this date will not be considered.All abstracts must be submitted electronically no later than Friday, June 1, 2018, 11:59 pm, PST. Abstracts sent by mail, fax or email will NOT be accepted .

Late breaker abstracts must reflect work completed after February 16, 2018 to be considered for presentation Friday, June 1, 2018, 11:59 pm, PST.

On this page, you will find further requirements and guidance to help you prepare for, write, and submit an abstract.

Submitted abstracts must report new information not previously published or presented at a national or international scientific meeting prior to February 16, 2018 . Please note that abstracts previously presented at meetings will not be accepted unless there is a substantial update of data.

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